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Durability, reliability and quality are the few merits which are essential in a battery and a purchaser is always quite cautious while purchasing one. CEBA is a brand of EnnoPro Group Limited, whose emblem is to produce and provide durable, reliable, and all kinds of high-quality batteries.

CEBA has ample experience of the production and exportation of a full range of batteries. Found in the year 2000 in Hong Kong, CEBA team has been working firmly to provide the customers with the best products. And, in 2006, due to the gained remarkable success and high demand, the brand’s sales forces and the network was expanded to Mainland China and a branch office was set up in Shenzhen.
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Timely Delivery

At CEBA we understand that one of the most important demands of our customer’s is being punctual. We care our delivery progress as much as our quality.

Best Quality

Guaranteeing products that are of best quality is our foremost priority. This is the reason we always choose to invest in high-technology solutions in our R&D center.

Patented Products

Including the world’s thinnest power bank, CEBA offers a wide range of finest products to meet the evolving customer needs and demands.

Excellent Customer Service

One recurring concern that our clients share with us is the need for reliable customer service experience and we do take care of any inquiries both before and after sales.

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