Powertank 3000

Portable Power Station
  • Versatile Output Ports: The CEBA PowerTank 3000 features four AC output ports, two DC output ports, four USB-A 3.0 ports, two Type-C fast charging ports, and a car charger output.
  • LCD Display: The easy-to-read LCD display provides real-time information about power usage and remaining battery life.
  • Multiple Charging Options: Charge the power station via a power outlet, solar panels, or a car charger.
  • Long-lasting Power: The CEBA PowerTank 3000 has a large capacity that provides extended usage time without worrying about running out of power.


Introducing the CEBA PowerTank 3000 – the ultimate portable power station for all your charging needs. With versatile output ports, including four AC, two DC, four USB-A, two Type-C, and a car charger output, you can power up multiple devices simultaneously. The LCD display keeps you informed about power usage and remaining battery life. Charge the PowerTank 3000 through a power outlet, solar panels, or a car charger for ultimate convenience.

Whether camping, on a road trip, or facing emergencies, the PowerTank 3000 is your reliable power companion. Power up camping gear, charge devices, or run small appliances. In emergencies, it serves as a backup power source for communication devices, medical equipment, or essential household appliances.

Take control of your power needs with the CEBA PowerTank 3000. Don’t let power limitations hinder your adventures or preparedness during emergencies. Invest today for limitless power wherever you go.

Power that
keeps on going

Charge Devices Multiple Times

240 TimesMobile Phone
52 TimesLaptop
26 TimesTV Set
7 TimesElectric Drill
6 TimesOutdoor Rice Cooker
4 TimesLow-Power kettle
*The data comes from the CEBA laboratory is for reference only. The test data will be affected by different factors such as environment, use method, equipment specifications, etc.

Multiple Output Interfaces

Compatible With Various Electronic Devices


CEBA 3000W Portable Power Station

Outdoor / Emergency / Household Power Supply

Rated Power3000W
OutputUSB 5V-9V/2A QC3.0
Type-C 5V-20V/5A PD 100W
Input Recharging110-220V/50-60Hz
Fully Charged Time2.5 hours
(Mains Charging)
DC Output13.5V/10A(Max)
AC Output100V-120V / 220V-240V
*customizable as per country standard
Package Include1x Portable Power Supply
1x Power Adapter
1x Car Charger
1x User Manual

Choosing your charging method

Support Solar Charging

*Solar charging kit needs to be purchased separately, maximum support 200W solar photovoltaic panels

Your power on go

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