Why Ceba

Durability, reliability and quality are the few merits which are essential in a battery. A purchaser is always quite cautious while purchasing a battery. CEBA is a brand of ENEMOB limited , whose emblem is to produce and provide durable, reliable, and all kinds of high-quality batteries.
CEBA has ample experience of the production and exportation of batteries. CEBA was formed in the year 2000 in Hong Kong. And from the day one, our team is working firmly to provide the customers with the best products. And, in 2006, due to its success and high demand, it was expanded to Mainland China and a branch office was set up in Shenzhen.

In CEBA, all kinds of batteries are available; whether it is a primary battery or a rechargeable battery. Furthermore, carbon zinc cells, alkaline dry cells, Silver Oxide Button cells, Chargers, and battery holders are also obtainable at CEBA. Our products are liked by locals as well as overseas, and they are exported in many countries like U.S, Canada, U.K, Germany, Poland, Iran, Iraq, Singapore, Russia, Turkey, Czech, Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia, Bulgaria, Switzerland, South Africa, etc.

Following is the list of our major batteries which are customarily demanded:
Rechargeable Batteries : Li-Ion, Li-Polymer, Li-FePO4, Nickel Metal Hydride batteries, Nickel Cadmium batteries, Lead acid batteries, Gel batteries  
Primary Batteries : Lithium button type primary batteries, Lithium Manganese Dioxide cylindrical batteries, Lithium Thionyl Chloride batteries, Zinc air batteries, Zinc Chloride batteries 

The aim of CEBA is the satisfaction of customers. Our goal is to provide our customers with the impeccable product. Our team is well trained and skillful, and they are working hard to meet your requirements.
Our success, which is noticeable, is the consequence of our efforts. And these efforts are making this company up-and-coming.

In this era of technology, batteries and cells are the most essential entities, and their quality and resilience must be the finest. Well, this is CEBAs liability, and undoubtedly it will continue to produce and deliver the finest products. Providing customers with the optimum products is the paramount goal of CEBA.


  • 2010/April – October Globalsources Exhibition @HongKong
  • 2011/April – October Globalsources Exhibition @HongKong
  • 2012/April – October Globalsources Exhibition @HongKong
  • 2013/April – October Globalsources Exhibition @HongKong
  • 2014/April – October Globalsources Exhibition @HongKong
  • 2014/September IFA @Berlin/Germany
  • 2015/April Globalsources Exhibition @HongKong
  • 2015/October Globalsources Mobile Exhibition @HongKong
  • 2016/January CES @ Las Vegas/ USA


A province rank Research & Development Center of Electrochemical Power Engineering Technical is located in our company. We invest more than half million USD per year, on average, in research and development for the new products, new technologies and new equipments. We successfully developed a new type mercury-free alkaline battery and high capacity mercury-free alkaline battery, Automatic Tester, etc. And It started to produce the high capacity LR03, LR6 mercury-free alkaline battery in 2001.


As CEBA , our mission is supplying the stored energy needs which has becomes an increasing need of the rapidly changing world with our high quality and reliable products. To realize this mission, we only present the best ones to the customers who trust our quality. And as a natural consequence of the need to be one step ahead from others in order to reach the best quality, we make investments in technological developments.

Who we are?

CEBA (a brand of ENEMOB limited) was established in 2000 with an aim to give the customer the best product. In order to achieve this aim, we set high standards for our company. In 2006, the sales forces and the network were expanded to Mainland China and a branch office was set up in Shenzhen. We professionalized in the production and exportation of all kinds of high-efficient batteries with marketing experience for many years. Read more

What we do?

Today, as CEBA, we supply full range of batteries from rechargeable batteries to primary batteries. In addition, we carry out the production of Carbon Zinc and Alkaline dry cells to 0% Mercury, Silver Oxide button cells, battery charges and battery holders. Our products are widely approved by many local and oversea companies and are exported to all over the world like the U.S, Canada, the U.K, Germany, Poland, Iran, Iraq, Singapore, Russia, Turkey, Czech, Australia, New Zeland, Malaysia, Bulgaria, Switzerland, South Africa, etc.  Read more