Powertank 300

Portable Power Station
  • Easy to use portable power station for campers, hikers, or those who need power in an a power outage
  • Features lots of outputs that can all work at the same time for maximum use
  • Fast charging 350W station is a practical choice for those that want convenience and portability


Not all portable power stations are going to be made to the same high-quality standards that they advertise. If you’re looking for raw power blended with modern convenience, this is it! With an impressive capacity/bank of 296Wh, this will push out 300W of high power so that you can get your mobile devices charged quickly and easily.

Charging from solar, AC main power, or DC power, you have multiple ways to recharge this portable power station when it’s needed, making it just right for those who are even off the grid. The outputs are going to be just as convenient. You have 2 x AC plugs for all of your favorite standard AC devices. You also have 1x 12V port (aka “the cigarette lighter port”, 2 x DC outputs, 2 x 5V USB ports, 1 x “Type C -Quick Charge” USB port, and a LED flashlight.

With its clear LED display telling you how much percentage you have on each of these, you’ll be able to charge everything from laptops to drones to cameras, and know that you don’t have to put any guesswork into deciding what is going to be charged faster than something else.

Compact and Powerful 300W Portable Power Station

Charge Devices Multiple Times

20 TimesMobile Phone
4 TimesLaptop
6 TimesDrone
15 TimesSLR Camera
4 TimesProjector
15 TimesStereo
*The data comes from the CEBA laboratory is for reference only. The test data will be affected by different factors such as environment, use method, equipment specifications, etc.

Multiple Output Interfaces

Compatible With Various Electronic Devices


CEBA 300W Portable Power Station Interfaces

Outdoor / Emergency / Household Power Supply

Rated Power300W
Capacity288Wh (3.7V/78000mAh)
Input RechargingAdapter:DC 15V/3.0A
Solar Panel Charging:
DC 13V - 22V/3.0A(Max)
Fully Charged TimeAbout 7~8 hours
OutputUSB : 5V/2.0A
USB-C: 5V/3.1A 9V/2A
DC Output5521 DC1: 12V/10A
5521 DC2: 24V/4A
AC OutputCustomize
Package Include1x Portable Power Station
1x AC charging Adapter
1x Car Charger Cable
1x Warranty Card
1x User Guide

Choosing your charging method

*Solar charging kit needs to be purchased separately, maximum support 60W solar photovoltaic panels

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